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Going Left On Calliope

The Premier Left On Calliope Community

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Left On Calliope is comprised of the mysterious chain-smoking foreigner Doèv Mokwazyï, the bombastic, fantastic Sassy James, and recent addition Homeboy Marty P. The "P" stands for "Pepper", clearly. Founded in California in 2002, these alcoholic lunatics have a passion for delivering music that would please even the most dried-up and rigid LDS elder. They love Mormons and have a bizarre affinity for Donny Osmond and his enormous teeth. They do not, however, care for his sister. She eats grapes. They are currently working on their debut release, "Electric Pop."

When people speak techno, they use green lines.

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1977, ab fab, alchemy, animals drinking water, apop organs, arts and crafts, asl, b3ta, bacardi, bad posture, battlefield metaphors, beep, bells, big finishes, bleeding for hours, blue eyes, booze, booze tallies, buttrock, calliope keller, cher vocal effect, chicken, chicken machine, chicken noodle soup, chicken phone, clubbing seals, coca-cola, coming out, contrasts, crayons, crazy drunk guy, creativity, czechonorpoletzerlany, dibs, did you know, djarum specials, dogs drinking water, don't lie, dorsal fins, doèv mokwazyï, drawing on walls, drinking, drinking water, drum machines, drunk people, electric pop, electricity, emo x's, esl, evil and darkness, eyeliner, falling-in-love-with-bushes, filling the brita, finding-out-what-knobs-do, fish drinking water, flourishes, forks-in-sockets-for-fun, fresh choice, george, glam, glitter, green dotted lines, guitar, happy noises, harmonicas, havening, helmets, homeboy marty p., hoop earrings, hyundais, infamy, insanity, inside jokes, jack webb, james perry, killing dolphins, korean frogs, laolaolao, laughter, left on calliope, lettuce drums, lies, luke skywalker, making noise, male blonde winners, marbles, misheard lyrics, mongs, mopmonster, my bad, nicknames, not unhappy either, officer green, officer philips, old people, osmosis, painting on floors, panpipes, peace signs, peeing on wrenches, pissing off my neighbors, plur, plz, pranks, product loyalty, qbz, redrae, remus lupin, rhinoceros drums, rockstars, royalty, rum, sassy, sassy james, screaming about knives, serious business, sex cat, sexy cartoon characters, sharpies, sherwin, shriekies, sign-in sheets, simronan, singing, snog, speak and spell, speaking techno, square waves, star wars, synthesizers, text messaging, the christmas story speech, the harry potter empire, the ocean, the pasta market, tourettes syndrome, tuna, villains, villainy, vom, wachuski drums, wachuski noise, web-design-this-is-jeff, what is, where bald people go, wicked designs, windchimes, wounds, wtf, xylophones