My name is James, and I am sassy. (sassyjames) wrote in the_turners,
My name is James, and I am sassy.

Left on Calliope live tomorrow night!

Fantasy Gothic Waltz
Thursday, December 22nd at Cherry Bar & Lounge, 917 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA
Doors at 8 PM, Left on Calliope performs at 9:30 - 21+ with ID - $5 in Costume, $7 without (gothic attire counts as "in costume")


Live bands: Left on Calliope, Secret Secret, BloodWIRE, Tesseract7

DJs: Robert Blaque, Femme Mystique, Persephone, and Rick A. Mortis

Activities: Kosupure Contest, Fantasy Gothic Waltz, Gothic Bazaar.

Bazaar Vendors: Serena Valentino (GloomCookie), Fourth Blade Games, Savage Jewelry.

Costume Prizes: Serena Valentino (GloomCookie), Metropolis Records, Revirgination, Experimental Craftworks, Koala Klub.

This show will feature new LoC material and a new musician onstage with us!
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