My name is James, and I am sassy. (sassyjames) wrote in the_turners,
My name is James, and I am sassy.

Left On Calliope live this Thursday in San Francisco

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I am so there.
What time is LoC going on?
I think 9:30, but I don't know for sure. I'll post a reminder later this week and I'll mention further details if I know them.
Hm... If you guys are going on at 9:30 and play a half an hour set.. I could in theory rush to work and be on time...
jeff told me 9:30, but afekts myspace says 8. i am very confused.
I think the default time for an event on myspace is 8!
I just got confirmation that we should be going on at 9:30.
ACK! This is the first LoC show I'll miss... I'm working a Midnight show of Harry Potter... you know if I knew.. like a week In advance I could squeezed my way out of it... Blah... We'll I'll be there in spirit!
We only first heard of the possibility of doing this late last week (there was actually the possibility we might be playing with AFEkT there last week but it fell through), but I didn't want to say anything until it was more-or-less a sure thing that there was a slot for us to play and that we were going to play. Sorry things didn't get firmed up sooner. I will let everyone know if/when I hear exactly when we're going on.
Well Like I commented upon earlier... The earlier you go on, the easier I can see you guys and then head to work..
If all goes according to plan, LoC will be going on at 9:30, and we'll probably be playing about the same length set as we did last time we played.
the pic of you on the flyer is fabulous. it sucks i cant go, 'specially if its your last show. are you gonna ply girl skin dress? you should have another show. why is l.o.c. expiring soon?
haha. got your nose.